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Evangelische Genade Gemeente


Students receiving kits at the main Taldi campus

Students and parents waiting for their turn for collection.


 Dr. Elsa Basumatary seeing patients this week. 

Medication distributed for free to patients at on campus dispensary. 



The covid crisis in India is unprecedented.  Most of the communities LH serves are low income daily wage earners.  The lockdown has put many  families out of work.  Consequently, many have come to the church on  campus seeking prayer.  The church has grown 3 fold over the past 12 months.  A new house church now has 25 members.  This family from  Hindu background received an answer to pray by the church and has  shared with their neighbors.  Recent church photo below. 



Thanks for your prayer and support for Living Hope


Will Leonard

I will be joining a 3 day LH church retreat in October by zoom.  It is 

still not possible to get a visitors visa to India.